Available for Purchase this week

Market is over for the season, but not the produce.  Below is the available list for what we have this week.  Orders need to be into me by Tuesday at 3pm. They can be picked up at NV Feed on Wednesday from 9am-6pm.  Payment is by check or cash only please. 
Contact me to order one Facebook , email , text , or by calling          

Molalla Farmers Market

Currently available  

Broccoli------------------$1.50lb (limited amounts order by the pound)
Cauliflower---------------$1.50lb (green, limited amounts order by the number of heads)
Cabbage------------------$.85lb (red or green order by the number of heads, large or small)
Bunched Greens--------$1.00 ea (Collards, Swiss Chard, Tuscano Kale, Siberian Kale)
Tomatoes---------------$1.50lb  Red, yellow, green, Cherry
Eggplant----------------$1.50lb dark purple, light purple
Peppers------------------$1.50lb  Bells, sweet frying,  banana, jalapeno, anaheim, ancho, hot wax,
Hot Peppers------------$4.00lb Habanero, Serano, Lemon Drop, Bulgarian Carrot, Thai Chili
Ground Cherry----------$4.00lb
Hardy Kiwi--------------$3.00lb
Winter Squash & Pumpkins----- in bins at the feed store for you to choose from.

Dill Pickles-----------------$6.00qt
Bread & Butter Pickles---$4.00pt
7 day pickles---------------$4.00pt  sweet, but not completely seet, is a chunked pickle
Zucchini Relish-----------$4.00 pt
Garden Salsa--------------$4.00 pt  Our regular canned salsa that we offer
Chili Tomatoes-----------$4.00 pt Tomatoes with anahiem and jalapenos in it similar to Ro-Tel

More canned stuff coming as I get time to get it all made.  This week its the last batches of zucchini relish and I start making pickles peppers. 


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